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U.S. Domestic News

The following are news articles of interest to our U.S. Domestic customers, listed in chronological order, starting with the most recent. Enjoy!

Great Plains Seed Disc Offers Precise Canola Singulation

With the popularity of canola on the rise across the United States, Great Plains is bringing singulation and spacing accuracy to producers seeding canola. A specially designed canola seed disc delivers singulation and precise placement of costly canola seed, in contrast to broadcast seeding methods. The canola disc is part of an extensive list of Air-Pro® Meter Discs for seeding corn, soybeans, milo, sunflowers, cotton, wheat, and sugar beets.

Great Plains Enhances Award-Winning Anhydrous Coulter

Great Plains has reintroduced its award-winning high-speed anhydrous coulter with several improvements to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and versatility of the Nutri-Pro® precision nutrient application line.

Released in 2014, the revolutionary anhydrous coulter earned a 2015 AE50 Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, but Great Plains engineers remained dedicated to making this good product even better.

The newly-released coulter includes:

Great Plains Delivers Tillage and Seeding in One New Tool

High Plains wheat farmers who conventionally till large acreages will appreciate the time and cost savings offered by the new Field Cultivator Air Drill from Great Plains.

The unique machine combines a Great Plains Field Cultivator with Great Plains 00 Series Drill Openers, allowing operators to till soil and drill seed at the same time. The Field Cultivator Air Drill’s high productivity means less time in the field and lower input costs for farmers.

Great Plains Expands Vertical Tillage Line with New Turbo-Max® Models

Five years after introducing Turbo-Max® to the vertical tillage market, Great Plains is expanding the industry-leading product line to accommodate a wider range of farming operations.

With the release of the smaller 8½- and 10-foot Turbo-Max models for lower horsepower tractors and a 48-foot Turbo-Max for larger tractors, more farmers will have access to the benefits of true vertical tillage, which translates to improved water infiltration, root development, and nutrient uptake.

Great Plains Introduces New 30ˈ Stack-fold Planter

Developed specifically for the Delta region, but with nationwide appeal, Great Plains has released a new 30-foot stack-fold planter with individual hoppers. The simple, yet rugged, 3P3025AH Planter was designed in response to the popularity of its 40-foot predecessor.

“The 3P3025AH offers growers a unique variety of row spacings that are less common in the stack-fold planter marketplace today,” said Mike Cleveland, Great Plains Vice President of Sales. These include 15-inch single- and twin-row configurations, as well as 20-, 22-, 30-, 36-, and 38-inch single-row designs.

Great Plains Introduces New Five-Section Chisel Plow

To accommodate the needs of today’s large acreage farmers, Great Plains is expanding its line of heavy-duty chisel plows with a new Ultra-Chisel™ model. Ranging from 39 to 45 feet wide, the new five-section Ultra-Chisel offers wider working widths than the original models, which were released in 2015.

“We are proud to introduce the five-section Ultra-Chisels in 2016, which offer a wide working width in the field, along with narrow road transport,” said Great Plains Vice President of Sales Mike Cleveland.

Great Plains Releases Simple Seeder

For smaller seeding tasks that don’t require a full-on no-till drill, Great Plains has introduced the simple, economical No-Till Seeder.

Offered in 7-, 9-, and 11-foot widths, the NTS25 Series Seeder makes quick work of renovating pastures, reclaiming rights-of-way, and planting food plots. With productivity of up to 11 feet, it also offers a heavy-duty seeding solution for small seeding contractors.

Since its inception on April 1, 1976, Great Plains Manufacturing has evolved from modest beginnings to become one of the largest family-owned farm equipment manufacturers in the United States.

To commemorate their 40th Anniversary, Great Plains Manufacturing recently completed restoration of the company’s very first 30-foot folding press drill.

Employees Jeff Hlad and Luke Schoenecker were commissioned to complete the project last year. Hlad is the grandson of Great Plains’ first employee, Bob Hlad, who worked with founder Roy Applequist to construct the first Great Plains drill in 1976.

With corn prices low and input costs high, today’s corn growers are searching for any way possible to reduce costs without risking yield.

AccuShot™ is a groundbreaking new planter attachment with economic, environmental and agronomic benefits.

Great Plains and SureFire Ag Announce New Marketing Agreement

Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc., and SureFire Ag Systems, Inc., of Atwood, Kansas, are pleased to announce a cooperative marketing agreement regarding Great Plains’ Nutri-Pro® line of fertilizer application equipment.

SureFire Ag specializes in the manufacture and installation of fertilizer application systems, which currently mount as an accessory to Great Plains Nutri-Pro bars. According to the agreement, Great Plains will continue to design and build Nutri-Pro machines, while SureFire Ag will provide and install customized plumbing application systems for each machine.

Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc., is pleased to announce the following personnel updates:

David Disberger has accepted the new position of Vice President of Engineering for Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc. Disberger will provide leadership to Great Plains’ three divisional engineering departments—Great Plains Ag Division, Land Pride Division, and Great Plains United Kingdom—as well as oversee the departments of purchasing and facilities.

Great Plains Recognized by NAEDA

The North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA) has announced the recipients of its 2015 service awards. Great Plains was awarded a Gold Level service award for 2015. These awards are presented annually to manufacturers who receive exemplary ratings in twelve operational categories addressed in NAEDA’s Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey.

The other shortline manufacturers recognized for Gold Level service were Land Pride (a division of Great Plains Manufacturing), Kuhn, Landoll, MacDon, and Woods.

Great Plains Introduces Versatile 12-Foot Drill

Great Plains announces the addition of a new 12ˈ no-till drill. The Great Plains 1206NT End Wheel Drill builds off the success of its predecessor, the 1205NT, to provide a versatile, economical seeding solution.

The Great Plains Nutri-Pro® Anhydrous Coulter row unit has been named a 2015 FinOvation Honoree by Farm Industry News.

FinOvation award winners were selected based on reader interest in new products covered by Farm Industry News from November 2013 to October 2014, both in print and online. The Nutri-Pro® Anhydrous Coulter is one of 20 agricultural innovations to receive recognition this year.

Great Plains employee Russell Diehl founded Salina Kids on Bikes.

SALINA, Kan. - Russell Diehl found his calling while working at a recycling facility, where he saw nothing but opportunity in piles of damaged bicycles. The S1 fabrication operator is now known by neighborhood children as “the bike guy.”

“I bought a couple of the bikes, brought them home, and started working on them,” he said. “The next thing I knew, all the little kids in the neighborhood were saying, ‘hey, you can fix bikes,’ so I just kept fixing bikes.”

Great Plains Nutri-Pro®3000 Anhydrous Application

With the introduction of an anhydrous coulter machine, Great Plains adds efficiency, accuracy, and versatility to its line of Nutri-Pro® Precision nutrient applicators, offering operators a multi-functional machine.

The new Nutri-Pro®3000-12C30 features a 22" anhydrous coulter blade for precise, high-speed anhydrous ammonia placement with minimal ground disturbance. With 1540 lb. pre-load, followed by the optional “spider” closing wheels, the Nutri-Pro3000-12C30 seals anhydrous fertilizer tightly in the ground with minimal loss and maximized efficiency.

New Canola Meter

Great Plains is bringing singulation and spacing accuracy to those producers seeding canola. The newly designed canola seed disc adds to an already extensive list of Air-Pro® Meter Discs for seeding corn, soybeans, milo, sunflowers, cotton, wheat, and sugar beets. The canola singulation development also includes improvements to the Great Plains Air-Pro® Meter’s brushes and seed tube. This improvement will be extended to all production units starting in November 2013.