SIMA Debut for Great Plains New X-Press VX

A mounted 3-metre example from Great Plains’ recently launched X-PressVX short disc harrow range makes its SIMA debut.

The new-look X-PressVX, available in both mounted and trailed versions, has an improved chassis, which accommodates a range of new specification options without compromising the generous amount of trash clearance between both sets of discs and the rear roller. The use of tubular steel to the wing sections enables the machine to handle increased torque loadings.

Hitherto only available on the larger 8 and 10-metre trailed models, all new mounted and trailed X-PressVX units now offer the option of a levelling board. This helps to present the soil more effectively to the following rear roller, creating a finer tilth and improving seedbed preparation – especially useful in secondary cultivation operations within, for example, a plough-based system. The levelling board on mounted units is manually adjustable. Hydraulic adjustment from the tractor cab is available as an option on trailed units.

Manually operated on mounted units and hydraulically operated on trailed machines, depth adjustment has been updated to bring the X-PressVX in line with other machines within the range.

Spring clip spacers now provide more settings for depth control and facilitate quicker, easier depth adjustment for the operator.

Disc angling options remain a key competitive advantage for the X-PressVX. The new models continue to offer fully adjustable disc angling between 0° and 25°, providing real flexibility in terms of how aggressively the soil is worked. To assist with grass weed control, discs can be set to work shallow and at full angle, disturbing the soil across the full profile of the cultivator to chit weed seeds behind the combine. Alternatively discs can be set to work deeper with less of an angle to thoroughly mix trash. Disc working depths can be selected between 50 and 150mm to suit soil conditions and trash levels.

Hydraulically controlled gang angle adjustment from the cab is now available as an optional alternative to the manual turnbuckle operation of the disc angling function.

Disc blade choices include notched cultivation discs or SoilRazor discs, both of which are available in 508mm diameter on mounted units. Trailed models come with a choice of 508mm and 560mm diameter notched or SoilRazor discs allowing for a progressive cultivation option varying front to rear. The SoilRazors will find favour with those users who need to chop and size really tough crop residues such as maize

The two rows of discs continue to be individually mounted on Great Plains Pro-Active disc units, which, with a trip height of 120mm, provide protection against stone damage and improved contour following while maintaining a consistent depth at high forward speeds. Disc spacings remain at 250mm on both front and rear gangs giving a net disc spacing between gangs of 125mm.

Side deflectors are also added to the list of new options available with the new X-PressVX range and will be a welcome addition for users who are working lighter soils and wish to limit the soil throw from the discs.

Both mounted and trailed units are available with a choice of consolidation rollers.

Adding to its versatility for both primary and secondary cultivations, mounted units are available with the new, improved ST BarVX at the front of the machine. This tool bar transforms the X-PressVX into a one-pass cultivator which can restructure the soil, taking out compaction caused by harvest traffic, down to a depth of 250mm.

All X-PressVX models fold down to 3-metres for transport. Trailed units utilise a ‘wheels over the back’ design, which, together with a wide axle track, increases stability during road transport.

Mounted X-PressVX models are available in 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 metre working widths with the trailed units coming in widths of 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0 metres. The 8.0 and 10.0 metre models in the existing X-Press range are retained. Depending on specification and working width, the power requirement for mounted units (without ST BarVX) ranges from around 70hp to 180hp and from 140hp to 480hp across the trailed model range.