Two LAMMA Debuts

Auto-Reset is creating great interest in the DTX
Auto-Reset is creating great interest in the DTX

Two of the company’s newest models made their UK debut at LAMMA on 16th January – these being the DTX with auto-reset of the deeper working legs fitted, and the SLD 300, which – with the SLD 350 – forms the bottom end of the SLD range.

Fitting auto-reset to protect the legs of the DTX is already proving its value, with one early Scottish customer using the machine to restore land that had become badly damaged during potato harvest.

By running the legs to 300mm depth he was able to remove the damage and restore drainage, while also leaving a surface that needed no further work ahead of drilling.

“The DTX is already well-established as the leading one-pass cultivator on the market, and the addition of auto re-set will increase its popularity further”, says David Holmes, UK Sales Director.

“The new style DTX is now ideal for farmers who want to use one pass cultivations in stony soils, as the downtime that they might previously have suffered replacing broken shear bolts is completely avoided.

“The auto-reset system enables the legs trip entirely clear of the soil to clear any stones and obstructions, and then automatically re-set themselves at the desired working depth, so downtime is eliminated and damage to the even-ness of the seed-bed is minimised”.

The new SLD models are both rigid machines, and feature five ProLift legs, those on the 3.0m model being set at 560mm spacings, while those on the 3.5m model being set at 660mm apart.

The machines are fitted with 600mm diameter discs set at 250mm spacings (with a net spacing of 125mm between the two gangs).

“Users say this disc size and spacing ensures high disc rotation speeds, which helps the machine leave a fine finish in one pass, that is often able to be drilled with no further preparation”, says Ben Covell, Simba Great Plains’ Product Development Manager.

“They also appreciate the flexibility the machine offers regarding the deeper working operation. The ProLift legs can be set to work at anything between 150mm and 300mm depth and can be fitted with a range of different wings, according to the soil type, conditions and trash levels”.