A Show of Strength at SIMA

New DTX Auto-Reset
New DTX Auto-Reset

Great Plains will be putting on a show of strength at this year's SIMA event being held in Paris between 24th and 28th February. A large, new-look Stand will provide the perfect showcase for exhibiting a wide range of products spanning the extensive Great Plains tillage, seeding and planting equipment portfolio.

Products on display will include the Centurion 600 Cultivator Drill, the Spartan 607 Air Drill, the Yield-Pro YP825A Planter and a range of tillage equipment including the SLD 300, the Mounted X-Press and ST Bar, the Trailed X-Press, the TL 300, the SL 400 with small seeding kit, and the DTX AR300 (pictured).

The new option of Auto-Reset (AR) protection on the deep working legs of the DTX 300 and DTX 350 models trips the legs clear of the ground when they meet large stones or similar buried obstructions, and automatically re-sets them to the desired working depth. An additional advantage of this feature is that the DTX can now be fitted with Simba LD (low surface disturbance) legs as well as the standard ProLift tines.

The Great Plains Simba SLD 300 is one of two new additions to the SLD range, which now offers models at 3.0m and 3.5m widths to complement the existing line-up of machines which are available in 4.2m, 4.6m, 5.4m and 6.0m widths. The new narrower working width models mean that a huge number of smaller and medium scale arable farms can use the machine and benefit from its superb performance which combines effective sub-soil restructuring and high quality seedbed preparation.

Three new rollers will also be launched at the Show. The V-Roller, Maxlift Roller and HD Roller have been introduced to complement the company's highly successful DD Rings, DD Lites and Aqueel II rollers. Initially available behind the Mounted X-Press and TL cultivators, the new rollers will also be introduced behind the DTX models and versions will be developed for use with selected trailed machines. The new rollers mean the company now offers a complete range of consolidation and seed-bed finishing tools, while also reducing the weight and price of the machines. It expects these benefits to further increase demand for its products across its global markets.