Top Dealers Rewarded

Top Dealers Rewarded
Jiri Zela (centre) from Navos Farm Technic receives his award from Simon Revell (left) and Vasek Madl (right).

Leading Great Plains dealers from across the Czech Republic and Slovakia received a detailed briefing on the company’s plans for the future when they attended a conference organised by importer Agri CS.

The ideas they heard provoked a lot of discussion, says Vasek Madl, from  Agri CS:

“The theme we used was ‘The Different Way’, which highlights how we want to approach the market in a fresh way. We invited 65 staff from our best dealers across the two countries and explained to them how we want to work with them to help establish the Great Plains brand.

“We believe the best way is for everyone to explain to farmers how the company’s machines help provide solutions to the problems and issues that their farmer-customers face.

“Among the subjects we covered were the importance of maintaining good soil structure, how to repair damaged soils, and Great Plains Simba’s techniques for one-pass oilseed rape establishment.

“We also discussed Great Plains Twin Row maize planting system and zonal cultivations, where the company clearly has a significant advantage over the opposition.

At the event Agri CS also rewarded their top dealers of the year, with Navos Farm Technic finishing as the top dealer and Agrokov Co runners-up.

The photograph above shows Jiri Zela (centre) from Navos Farm Technic receiving his award from Simon Revell (left) and Vasek Madl (right).