Genesis Gets The Orders

Stephen Lewis
Stephen Lewis

Two new X-Presses are on their way to farms in Northern Ireland via Genesis Distribution Ltd, based at Upper Ballinderry, West of Belfast, which is enjoying a good start to its first full year as a Great Plains dealer.

The two machines have gone to contrasting customers, says Stephen Lewis, pictured here:

“The first machine is going to a mixed farm where they have a dairy herd and arable crops. The customer wants to cut the cost of preparing seedbeds by moving from plough and power-harrow based cultivations to non-powered cultivation. He will use the X-Press to work down ploughing into a seedbed, and also to cultivate and incorporate forage maize stubbles.

“The second machine is going to a 600 acre arable unit, where the farmer is aiming to replace the plough as the primary cultivator. His main aims are to reduce the amount of fuel used establishing costs, avoid the high wearing parts bill of using plough and power harrow and also reduce the amount of time taken”.