Twin-Row On Test In Europe

Stephen Aldis briefs the Hungarians on the Twin-Row planter
Stephen Aldis briefs the Hungarians on the Twin-Row planter

Great Plains’ Twin-Row maize planter is being trialled right across Europe this year, and will be promoted alongside the company’s “vertical tillage” systems.

The two fit together logically, Simon Revell, European Exports Director told a group of Hungarian farmers visiting the company’s Sleaford factory, an combining them correctly could reap significant rewards:

“Maize is very sensitive to poor soil structure, which quickly reduces emergence levels and yield. Yet if the soil structure is correct it will establish roots up to 1.2m deep.

“Great Plains’ research has shown that a maize plant’s biggest competition comes from the plants either side of it in the same row rather than those in the next door row.

“That research helped drive the development of the Yield-Pro planter, which is designed to ensure every plant has an exclusive root-zone of its own in which it can develop without competition. The patented singulation and placement the Yield-Pro planter achieves does that and helps increase yields dramatically.

“The stronger, more evenly spaced canopy the Yield-Pro planter achieves does have other benefits, such as better coverage and shading of the soil which helps retain soil moisture more efficiently and intercepts light better.

“It will be interesting to see whether this benefit – already clearly recognised in the USA and other markets – has a meaningful benefit in European trials”.