Drills go to work in France

The Centurion is getting to work in France
The Centurion is getting to work in France

Great Plains’ drill range has already chalked up encouraging early sales in France, and should achieve more this year.

Both the Spartan and the Centurion drill have already impressed many, says Pierre-Arnaud Noiret, Territory Manager:

“The first 9m Spartan has gone to a 2,000 hectare farm, who needs that sort of output, with two 6m models going to 400 ha farms. We have three Centurions on farms now too.

“There is also interest from other farmers. The average arable farm size in France is about 100has, so we tend to talk to groups of farmers combining forces to buy machines together.

“We did a lot of field trials last autumn when the weather allowed us to work, and the crops all look perfect, which will help attract further interest.

“I think we still need to show these drills working in the field, and a better working season will help us do that.

“We will also be showing the Yield-Pro® planter, as the model we exhibited at SIMA earlier this year attracted a huge number of enquiries. The planter will start work in the West of the country, before moving on to Alsace in the North East and then going down to the South West, which is the biggest maize growing region in the country”.