Yield-Pro® Performs Across Europe

The Yield-Pro’s accuracy of seed placement impresses everybody.
The Yield-Pro’s accuracy of seed placement impresses everybody.

Great Plains’ Yield-Pro® planter is proving its value in a range of field trials Britain, France and Hungary, with the accuracy of seed placement it achieves being instantly apparent.

In the UK, field-scale trials have been set up on farms in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, while similar work is being completed in Western and South West France, and also in Hungary.

James Kissock, Territory Manager, says the work in South West England has gone well:

“These are practical on-farm trials, looking at different aspects of maize planting, such as seed rates – we have sown at between 35,000 and 50,000 seeds/acre – and different varieties.

“The crops are growing well, and the consistency of seed placement and spacing appears excellent, which is crucial to ensuring the crop reaches maximum yield potential”.

Pierre-Arnaud Noiret, Territory Manager for France, says work on maize in that country has confirmed the planter’s performance:

“The Yield-Pro® seeding technique works very well and the crop is germinating quickly and evenly, with the seeds all being singulated, accurately positioned and well separated”.

In Hungary, the Twin-Row planter has also impressed, says Simon Revell, European Sales Director:

“It has performed very well, and everyone who has seen the trial plots has been impressed with the quality of the work.

“Staff from our importer are impressed with the machine’s simplicity and the accuracy of the Air-Pro seeding system, which they say will be attractive to the country’s farmers.

“It has performed very well in all conditions, maintaining very accurate seeding depth. We are really looking forward to seeing whether it can record the same yield increases as it has so consistently in the USA”.