Thoughts on Restructuring

Burdens visitors saw the new factory
Burdens visitors saw the new factory

Forty customers of dealer Burdens Group visited Great Plains’ Sleaford factory in which agronomy featured as strongly as machines.

Burdens’ Shaun Taylor says the group – which included both existing and potential customers for Great Plains machines – was most interested to hear the company’s latest thoughts on soil restructuring, this being a major issue in a region where a significant portion of the land is given over to vegetable and root crop production, and so is often worked late in the autumn:

“David Holmes gave us an excellent presentation on Great Plains’ latest research on the issue, and the agronomic advice the company is offering as a result. The session prompted some really good discussions among the group on the techniques and machines which are best suited to their individual needs.

“The team was also very interested to visit the new factory. Many of them had never seen the plant before and were delighted to see such a major investment and a local manufacturing company expanding production”.