Valuable Briefing for Olivers Staff

Olivers staff during their visit
Olivers staff during their visit

Eight staff from our Bedfordshire-based dealer Oliver Agriculture Ltd got a technical update when they visited Great Plains’ Sleaford factory, which included briefings on the company’s latest thinking on soil structure and how to repair it, as well as updates on its full range of machines, says James Clark, Territory Manager:

“The event proved valuable, and we had a good look at the new entry level cultivators launched at Cereals, as well as other models in the range. We also toured the factory, which gave them the opportunity to see how much more production capacity we now have, both in the original building and also in the factory, which is now in full production”.

David Jarman, Director of Oliver Agriculture, says the team appreciated the event: “It was very useful to bring everyone up to speed on all the changes that have been made recently, and to hear about and discuss the latest ideas on cultivations and crop establishment.

“Bearing in mind what they have been through in the past year, with last autumn’s difficult harvest and establishment season, our farmers are in a more confident mood than you might expect, and many crops are looking healthier than they did earlier in the year”.