Detail Important This Autumn

David Holmes
David Holmes

Attention to detail will be crucial for arable farmers aiming to restore soils after two very damaging wet seasons in a row, says David Holmes, UK Sales Director for Great Plains.

He was commenting after two open days held in North Lincolnshire by the CMI group, at which the subject was one of the key topics of interest to the 80 farmers attending.

He says farmers must check the effectiveness of the job they are doing frequently during the work, or risk doing ineffective work:

“Before you start work it is essential to dig soil pits at strategic points across the field and assess how serious the damage is and at what depth.

“From that information you can choose the right combination of restructuring legs and which style of wing to attach to it, and set the working depth so it removes the damage effectively.

“It is worth stopping to check that you are doing an effective job fairly soon after you have started, so you can make any fine adjustments that might be needed to improve results.

“Regular checks during the work are also advisable, so you can check how legs and wings are wearing and when they might need replacing. Worn parts may lose their effectiveness, so even if you have all your settings and working depths correct they might still fail to do the job you need”.