DTX Does The Business

The DTX drew a crowd
The DTX drew a crowd

Great Plains’ Simba DTX cultivator proved the star of the show at Power in Action, its debut at a major public demonstration.

The new entry DTX offers potential purchasers a wide range of options, says David Holmes, UK Sales Director, and this is helping attract plenty of enquiries about the machine:

“Many of the farmers who saw the new style DTX working at the event were impressed with its performance and we secured three sales to stand visitors in the days after the event.

“Even though it is much simplified from the original DTX, users still have a choice of two different style of restructuring legs, three different styles of wing, limited or adjustable disc angling and six different rear rollers.

“This means they can tailor their machine to their precise needs, and achieve further flexibility by switching different combination of working parts.

“That flexibility – and the range of different styles of work it enables the machine to do – is a major selling point”.