YFC Visitors Impressed

David Holmes
David Holmes

A group of over 30 members of North Holland Young Farmers Club – some of whom use Great Plains’ equipment on their farms – got the chance to see where their machines were made when they visited the Sleaford factory:

“They were all very impressed with the investments made at Sleaford and the fact that we have returned to full manufacturing on the site”, says David Holmes, UK Sales Director, who briefed the party on latest developments at the company.

“There were several users of machines like the SL, DTX and CultiPress among them.

“As well as talking machines we talked about cultivation methods, and highlighted the technical advice we provide to our customers on restoring and maintaining good soil structure”.

Club chairman Andrew Smith – who works on a farm near Boston - said members were always interested to visit local machinery manufacturers and find out more about them:

“Great Plains is a progressive company and for those people who already use their products it was great to see where they are made. I don’t think many of us realised just how much manufacturing and assembly goes on at Sleaford”.