New Turbo Max Models Launched

The Turbo Max’s efficiency makes it a popular machine
The Turbo Max’s efficiency makes it a popular machine

Great Plains is expanding its Turbo Max cultivator range with the addition of 35 foot (10.52m) and 40 foot (12.04m) models to the top end of the range.

The Turbo Max is the company’s biggest selling cultivator, thanks to the efficiency with which it chops and incorporates crop residues, and leaves a well cultivated and levelled seedbed.

It features two gangs of 50cm cultivating discs set at 18.75 cm spacings on the axle; the second gang running in the spaces between the first so crop residues are chopped to less than 10cm length.

Disc angles can be altered “on the move” from zero to six degrees, so they can do anything from a straight chop or trash and crop residues to incorporating this material effectively.

The seedbed is finished by Great Plains’ patented rolling spike harrow, which crushes remaining clods and leaves a well-levelled seedbed.

Both models use hydraulic down pressure to ensure the wings remain in work and achieve a consistent cultivation across the full width. The 3500TM needs 340 to 385hp, while the 4000TM needs 380 – 400hp.