New Appointments Build The Team

Michael Harrop (left) and John Chapman
Michael Harrop (left) and John Chapman

Great Plains is increasing the strength and depth of its team at Sleaford with a number of new appointments to crucial roles.

Michael Harrop has joined as Operations Manager, and brings with him great experience of running busy automotive plants in countries like India, Jordan and the UAE.

He also worked with the Benetton Formula One team, although he stresses he helped design the vehicles that transport the whole team, not the racing cars themselves!:

“My aim is to identify where we can improve the manufacturing processes and develop the skills we have. My forte is in developing people rather than facilities. We already have a really good team at Sleaford and the challenge is to develop their talents”.

John Chapman is the new Manufacturing Process Manager, and has a similar background in the automotive industry, and will be leading the team in the new factory: “I will be working alongside Michael to see how we can improve processes so we can work better and more efficiently”.

Two new appointments have been made in the Engineering Department, these being Adam Jones and Johnny Duncan.

Adam Jones (pictured below left) has joined as Design Engineer, having gained experience in the construction and spraying industries. On arrival at Sleaford he was immediately seconded to the team completing the new European Yield-Pro planter.

Johnny Duncan (below right) joins after spending 30 years in the RAF, where he worked in air traffic control and computer programming. He is currently working on developing a programme to enable farmers to ‘build their own machine’ over the net:

“The model will enable them to select a base machine and then select which of the many options we offer they should consider installing on it. As well as helping guide and inform their decision making process, it will also keep them abreast of the price of the specification they choose”.