Deep Work Boosts Twin-Row Oilseeds

Simon Revell (left) and Chris Martin test the soil at Doncaster
Simon Revell (left) and Chris Martin test the soil at Doncaster

Re-structuring below the seedbed is already showing significant benefits on a trial site near Doncaster, where we are working with Agrovista to learn more about precision one-pass oilseed rape establishment and the potential use of Great Plains Twin-Row system in it.

As reported in September’s update, we ran a Simba ST Bar ahead of a Yield-Pro planter on half of the trial area, and planted normally on the other half.

There are already clear differences, Chris Martin, from Agrovista told a group of leading Czech Republic farmers when they visited the site:

“We know there is a clear correlation between the size of a plant’s root system and its yield potential, and we can see that the Yield-Pro has done a virtually perfect job of establishing a crop in which virtually every plant has optimum root space.

“We visited the field just eight weeks after planting and the better development of plants in the areas where we ran the ST Bar ahead of the planter is obvious”.

The differences in soil structure were apparent when Chris and Simon Revell, Great Plains European Exports Director, tried driving a soil probe into the surface.

In the areas between rows the soil was firm and it took considerable effort to drive the probe in to any depth; in the rows where the ST Bar had worked ahead of the planter it easily penetrated much deeper, which is good news for the crop’s future, says Simon:

“That shows how well the soil deeper in the profile is now structured, which will enable the plant to establish a good deep rooting system to seek out moisture if conditions get drier, or allow water to percolate into the soil easier in damp conditions.

“We know oilseed rape plants are like humans – they don’t like having their feet wet – and in the areas of this field where the soil is still tight the crops could have issues in either weather extreme”.

THE DONCASTER SITE is one of six on which we are staging oilseed rape establishment trials, working with Agrovista, and all will be hosting farmer visits during November.

The dates are:

Cirencester, Tuesday 12th November.

Morley, Tuesday 19th November.

Brechin, Wednesday 20th November.

Stoughton, Leicestershire, Wednesday 20th November.

Croft, Darlington, Wednesday 27th November.

Doncaster, Thursday 28th November.

To find out more about each site or register to attend any of the above events please visit; click on the tab for “Technical”; then on the “Grow Crop Gold OSR Trials” and e-mail the Site Manager.