4B Discs Get Us Back To Our Roots

4B discs – built to tackle the tough stuff
4B discs – built to tackle the tough stuff

Great Plains is going back to its roots with the production of the new 4B discs at its Sleaford factory.

The original Simba company built its reputation making robust cultivators, tool-bars and road-planes for the East African fruit-growing estates, and that will be a key market for this new machine.

The 4B Series includes three models – at 3.10m; 3.80m and 4.60m widths – and are off-set disc harrows, which are proven to work better than conventional discs in these conditions because they are less affected by changes in working speed.

They are pulled from the disc axle bearings rather than the top-frame to maintain stability and balance, while also ensuring correct tracking when in work so the machine automatically compensates for changes in disc gang angling and always pull straight.

A rear drawbar is an option to tow rolls/presses to enhance the cultivation effect and leave a weatherproof, stable surface.

The harrows feature 915mm disc blades made of 12.5mm thick chrome boron steel at 400mm spacings. Blade weight is 380kg – 410kg which ensures excellent penetration and work to 250mm deep.