European Yield-Pro Impresses at Agritechnica

Great Plains’ YPE825A was the centre of attention at Agritechnica
Great Plains’ YPE825A was the centre of attention at Agritechnica

Great Plains enjoyed a profitable week at Agritechnica, receiving more than double the level of enquiries it had at the previous events.

Daniel Rauchholz, President of Great Plains International, says the event will help the company continues its current growth:

“Agritechnica 2013 allowed us to strengthen relationships with our existing international customers and make new contacts in markets where we have a lot of room for growth. The event is so important because it offers an unparalleled stage to tell the world that the Great Plains brand and product offering is growing”.

The company took the opportunity to launch four new machines, with the Yield Pro YPE825 planter being the first planter designed specifically for Western Europe proving especially popular.

The new 4B discs attracted interest from across Europe, Africa and elsewhere, and the new wider models in the Turbo Max and Yield Pro meeting good demand from around the world.

Interest was received across all levels, says Simon Revell, the company’s Sales Director for Western Europe:

“Great Plains already offers a range of market-leading planters. Our new model opens up a completely fresh market in those countries which set a 3m transport width on roads.

“The fact that the company is making a significant investment in developing machines specifically for Western Europe is being noted by farmers.

“The new Yield-Pro planter will also enable them to use the company’s Twin Row planting system if they wish, which field trials have proven to improve yield of maize by 10% - 15%, which should be interest to all livestock farmers and the increasing number of farmers growing maize for use in digesters”.

The company’s new 4B discs also attracted interest, reports Ryan Haffner, Great Plains’ Exports Manager for the Southern Hemisphere:

“Responses received at the show suggest there is real demand for this kind of machine from growers of sugar cane and maize, as well as for breaking virgin land and mineral extraction.

“It is a very versatile machine and built so well it will be hard to break! We received a lot of interest from Africa, and a surprising number of enquiries from North America as well”.

The large Yield-Pro planter and wider Turbo-Max cultivator launched at the event also provoked interest:

“These are both relatively simple machines that can cover large acreages, and we had good interest in them from farmers in many regions across the world.

“The bigger Yield-Pro planters are simple, can place fertiliser with the seed, and is targeted at Africa, Eastern Europe, North America and possibly South America too.

“The Turbo Max is aimed largely at maize growing regions and uses our Vertical Tillage approach with the addition of the ability to angle the blades to achieve extra soil movement”.