Speed of the Essence for Scots

AgriScot visitors are hoping for a brighter 2014
AgriScot visitors are hoping for a brighter 2014

The need to speed up cultivations but still work in a way that does not risk compromising the quality of seedbeds or losing the tilth from the surface remains upper-most in farmers minds, reports Territory Manager Craig Thomson following the Agriscot event.

Many visitors to the company’s stand at the event said yields had suffered due to the wet autumn of 2012, but were now confident that things should improve:

“This year they have very good looking crops thanks to the good autumn and the countryside is looking the best it has for some time. You can’t blame them for looking forward to 2014 and hoping things continue to improve”.

At the event Great Plains exhibited a 3m X-Press and ST Bar and a CultiPress, with the latter drawing significant interest:

“After a dry autumn farmers who still plough are reconsidering how they break that down into a seed-bed, and the CultiPress offers a faster and less costly option than the traditional power harrow, with its DD roller leaving cultivated ground waterproof during the crucial period between ploughing and drilling”.