Tackling Cultivation Issues

Stephen Lewis
Stephen Lewis

Northern Irish farmers are showing growing interest in Great Plains’ approach to improving crop yields, as the excellent attendance at two seminars organised by importer Genesis Distribution proves.

Stephen Lewis from Genesis says feedback to the two sessions has been very positive and his company is working on a number of excellent enquiries:

“David Holmes gave an excellent presentation on the company’s approach to crop establishment, and highlighted the importance of maintaining healthy soil structure and tailoring your operations to the soil type and conditions.

“In Northern Ireland we have a huge range of soils, and there are plenty of farms around 300 acres where soils vary from light, sandy types right through to heavy clays.

“Most farmers still start cultivations with a plough or chisel plough and then break that down with a power harrow.

“But a good number are looking at alternative cultivators to create a seedbed such as the CultiPress, or implements like the 3m X-Press and ST Bar and DTX. In lighter land areas machines like the UniPress will also have a role”.