Soil Secrets In Spotlight

European farmers are the latest to show interest in Great Plains’ concept of Vertical Tillage, following its presentation on the company’s stand at Agritechnica, and other presentations by importers and dealers across the continent.

Simon Revell, European Exports Director, says farmers across Europe continue to seek advice on how to sustain their farms’ productivity and they are increasingly focussing on soil structure: “Great Plains’ original concept of Vertical Tillage has proved highly successful across the United States, and when we first discussed it we realised it was very similar to the principles that we were already advocating to our Great Plains UK customers.

“The same principles that American farmers are using to ensure healthy yields of crops like soya beans and maize work equally well with the main crops grown in Europe.

“From both sides of the Atlantic – and even before Great Plains purchased Simba – it is clear we were both urging farmers to think about working the soil vertically, so you don’t leave horizontal horizons where the soil density changes suddenly in the seed-bed, as these can inhibit natural soil functions like the movement of moisture, nutrients and crop roots.

“The aim is to create the vertical cracks and fissures that assist these processes, so water-logging and ponding is avoided during wet times, but the crop can also seek out moisture when it needs to in dry conditions.

“With soil structure problems inhibiting crop production on many farms across the continent, its message is timely and relevant, and will feature prominently in the company’s exhibitions stands and marketing activities in the future”.