Efficiency and flexibility on show at Tillage-Live

Centurion cultivator drill
The Centurion cultivator drill will be in action at Tillage-Live

Drilling efficiency and flexibility in tillage equipment specification are the main themes of Great Plains presence at this year’s Tillage Live event to be held on 10th September at Down Ampney Airfield, Gloucestershire. The company’s 6-metre Centurion cultivator drill will be put through its paces and the firm will also be demonstrating the highly successful mounted DTX, X-Press and ST Bar cultivators as well as examples from its trailed machines range including the SL and Cultipress.

The Centurion has recently undergone a number of updates to hydraulic components and electrical software, as David Holmes, Great Plains’ Sales Director for UK and France, explains: “These are the first updates since we launched the Centurion three years ago and they will further improve the drill’s ease of use, in-field efficiency and seed placement accuracy. Existing and new users will benefit from further improved seed depth control via the drill’s hopper weigh cells option, constant seed flow metering through variations in forward speed and faster on/off reaction times from the metering unit.”

“We’ve also made the independent control of cultivation discs a much simpler operation by separating it from other hydraulic services and we’ve introduced other refinements to ensure that coulter down pressure is maintained when operating at reduced fan speeds and that fan speed is consistently maintained when operating additional hydraulic services,” he added.

Much of Great Plains’ focus, where its established tillage range is concerned, has been on introducing a wider range of specification options to suit varying soil types, establishment systems and budgets. The DTX, for example, is now available with a choice of no fewer than seven different rear consolidating rollers plus a choice of Pro-Lift tines for soil loosening down to 400mm or LD tines for minimal surface disturbance, both with either hydraulic auto-reset or shearbolt protection. The machine is also available with full disc angling across two gangs of Pro-Active cultivation discs enabling the user to vary how aggressively the soil is worked. For those who farm consistent soils the DTX is available with limited disc angle adjustment via three fixed settings. When specified with the optional small seed applicator and following harrow, the DTX offers a highly effective one-pass OSR or cover crop establishment solution.