Allez les verts – Great Plains impresses buyers at French demo event

The X-Press impresses at French demo event
The X-Press impresses at French demo event

A recent Great Plains 3-day demonstration event held in France has proved to be a great success. The first day was reserved for dealers affiliated to SCAR (Société Coopérative des Artisans Ruraux), a major agricultural equipment purchasing consortium and dealer group, whilst days two and three of the event attracted a great deal of interest from customers and prospective end-users.

Held in the Deux-Sèvres area to the west of Poitiers, the event gave more than one hundred invited guests the opportunity to see various machines put through their paces including the Mounted X-Press/ST Bar, Trailed X-Press, DTX, SL and Unipress from the Great Plains range of tillage equipment and the V300 drill.

Those attending the event saw great potential for reducing their establishment costs in an agricultural region that still operates predominantly plough-based systems, as Great Plains’ sales director for France, David Holmes, explained: “From our point of view it was an excellent event. We are able to demonstrate the flexibility of machines such as the X-Press and DTX which can be used to work down ploughing or as part of a reduced cultivations system. There was also a great deal of interest in the variable disc angling feature of these machines and the Great Plains concept of one-pass crop establishment as demonstrated by the DTX and SL which can both be fitted with the optional small seed applicator.

“The UniPress also proved its worth in a conventional inversion system as an effective seedbed preparation tool combining cultivating, levelling and consolidation,” he added.