Quality and Innovation on Show at SIMA

If you’re making your way to the SIMA Show at Paris Nord, Villepinte, France 22nd to 26th February, be sure to pay us a visit on Stand F039 Hall 6.

The Great Plains stand at this year’s SIMA promises to be the biggest and best yet at this major international event with more than 700 square metres of floor-space featuring displays from across the Great Plains range of tillage, seeding and planting machines.

Amongst the Great Plains products under the spotlight at SIMA will be the new 4-metre Centurion CDA400 cultivator drill and the new 6-metre Centurion CDA600F grain and fertiliser drill. These two new drills are available with 125mm or 167mm row spacings and feature Great Plains’ highly accurate and well-proven 00 Series opener. Other Great Plains technologies utilised by the Centurion range include hydraulic down-pressure to maintain complete ground contact at all times, optional hopper weigh cells to ensure even weight distribution across the working width and optional seed blockage sensors. The CDA600F grain and fertilizer model incorporates 18 or 24 fertiliser opener discs.

Great Plains Yield-Pro planters are strongly represented on the stand. The new Yield-Pro YPE Planter is available in both single and Twin-Row configurations and will be shown equipped with fertiliser and insecticide applications. Also on display will be the 16-row Yield-Pro YP-1625AH planter with high capacity on-board liquid or dry fertiliser. This planter will be displayed in Twin-Row configuration. Both Yield-Pro units on display feature the widely acclaimed Series 25 openers and AirPro seed metering system, which, by maintaining extremely high accuracy of around 99%, contributes significantly to achieving uniform emergence and higher yields.

The advantages of the Great Plains Twin-Row planting system are highlighted in technical and graphic displays on the stand. In Twin-Row mode, Great Plains Yield-Pro YPE Planters, for example, place two rows of seed in a staggered formation 10cm either side of a centre line. The YPE-825A model range can sow up to 16 rows, while the YPE-625A is capable of sowing 12 rows. Row spacing options on YPE Twin-Row models include 75cm, 76.2cm, 80cm and 91.4cm spacings, whilst the YP-1625AH Twin-Row model offers 70cm, 75cm, 76.2cm and 91.4cm spacings. The staggered planting formation of the Twin-Row system gives maize roots more room to grow and thrive. Other benefits include higher planting populations and more efficient use of sunlight and moisture, which combine to help increase maize yields.

Another vitally important element in the Great Plains yield-enhancing ‘systems’ approach is the concept of Vertical Tillage. For tillage and sub-soiling operations in the Autumn, there is a wide range of Great Plains tillage tools that work the soil vertically to break down growth-inhibiting compaction layers caused by wheel traffic and some horizontal tillage implements. Vertical Tillage creates vertical cracks and fissures, promoting good capillary action and leaves a uniform, unrestricted soil profile for optimum root development and water absorption. Disc-based Vertical Tillage passes in the Spring can help to maintain the optimum soil density by entering the soil perpendicular to the ground. Vertical Tillage also helps to manage residue effectively and create the ideal seedbed with a smooth and level surface at seeding depth to ensure even emergence.

The extensive Great Plains range of tillage equipment is represented on the stand by the SL 400, the 3-metre mounted X-Press with ST Bar and the 4.6 metre trailed version of the X-Press.

The SL400 offers a range of specification choices including notched or SoilRazor cultivation discs, a choice of ST or Low Disturbance (LD) tines, several different rear consolidating rollers and a small seed applicator, which is ideal for oilseed rape or cover crop establishment.

Limited or full disc angle adjustment is available on both the mounted and X-Press models on show on the stand. These compact disc harrows with integrated press rolls also come with a choice of cultivating discs and rear rollers.

Last but by no means least, the 3P1006NT compact drill will also be on view. Designed primarily for no-till applications, this small but extremely versatile seeder can plant 3 seeds at 3 rates from 3 boxes at the same time. In addition it features ‘Lift Assist’ wheels to ensure safe operation and transport.