New Drills Steal The Show At Cereals

The new Saxon and Centurion Drills Draw The Crowds
The new Saxon and Centurion Drills Draw The Crowds

With the new Saxon minimal disturbance drill and the new Centurion 4-metre cultivator drill proving to be the star attractions alongside the larger, upgraded 6-metre Centurion, Great Plains welcomed a large number of visitors to its stand at this year’s Cereals event at Boothby Graffoe in Lincolnshire.

"We have been very pleased with footfall on the Great Plains stand on both days of this year’s Cereals event,” confirmed Great Plains UK Sales Director, David Holmes. “The levels of enquiries was reassuringly healthy, both in terms of volume and quality. In particular we have had lots of interest in our new Saxon and Centurion 3-metre and 4-metre drills and the flexibility they offer for working in plough-based, reduced tillage or no-till operations.”

Cereals heralded the launch of the new Saxon drills which include the Great Plains Turbo Coulter within the base specification rather than the more traditional angled notched cultivation discs fitted to the new Centurions. This provides growers with a drill designed to meet the need for minimal disturbance and the capability of cutting through and drilling into high volumes of residue, making the Saxon ideal for operation into cover crops and improving grass weed control.

On show for the first time in the UK, the new 4-metre Centurion also drew plenty of admirers. The drill sits alongside the new 3-metre model and their larger, upgraded counterpart, the 6-metre Centurion, to further expand the grain-only Centurion range.

Of particular interest to visitors was the added benefit of ‘interchangeability’ between the cultivation elements of both drills, as David Holmes explained. “In launching the new Saxon and Centurion drill models we have responded to our customers’ demand for flexibility within one drill for different operations. Thanks to easily interchangeable cultivation systems, we have effectively created a drill that is suitable both for traditional cultivation with notched angled discs and for minimal disturbance and high residue operation with the Turbo Coulter. In essence, the customer now has the opportunity to buy just one drill whereas, previously, he may have needed to buy two.”

Not to be upstaged, the Centurion CDA 600 also provided a major talking-point as the drill that helped Warren Darling from New Zealand to break a long-standing Guinness world record for harvesting the highest barley yield.

Completing a strong showing from the growing Great Plains drills range was the 3-metre mounted no-till drill, the 3P1006NT, which was on display for the first time in the UK.

Also featured was the new Yield-Pro® YPE Planter which is generating extremely positive reviews and increasing levels of enquiries following an extensive programme of demonstrations carried out across Europe and tremendous interest in Great Plains’ yield-enhancing Twin-Row technology.

A wide range of tillage equipment was also showcased at the event including trailed X-Press and mounted X-Press units, ST Bar, the SLD, the DTX, a 10-metre CultiPress and a Flatliner subsoiler equipped for the first time with a MaxLift (ML) rear roller.