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The following are news articles of interest to our International customers, listed in chronological order, starting with the most recent. Enjoy!

David Holmes

A group of over 30 members of North Holland Young Farmers Club – some of whom use Great Plains’ equipment on their farms – got the chance to see where their machines were made when they visited the Sleaford factory:

“They were all very impressed with the investments made at Sleaford and the fact that we have returned to full manufacturing on the site”, says David Holmes, UK Sales Director, who briefed the party on latest developments at the company.

“There were several users of machines like the SL, DTX and CultiPress among them.

Great Plains’ SL cultivator led the field in Denmark

Oilseed rape crops established using a seeding kit mounted on a Great Plains’ Simba SL cultivator produced the top yield in a trial completed in Denmark.

The trial tested conventional plough and power harrow based cultivations – the system most commonly used in the country - against alternative methods from five different machinery manufacturers, who established their own plots.

In the trials, conducted by Sonderjysk Landboferening, a leading farmer-owned union operating in the South of Denmark, the crop established by the SL recorded a yield of 106% of the “control” plot.

The DTX drew a crowd

Great Plains’ Simba DTX cultivator proved the star of the show at Power in Action, its debut at a major public demonstration.

The new entry DTX offers potential purchasers a wide range of options, says David Holmes, UK Sales Director, and this is helping attract plenty of enquiries about the machine:

“Many of the farmers who saw the new style DTX working at the event were impressed with its performance and we secured three sales to stand visitors in the days after the event.

Newcomer . . . the market entry X-Press and ST Bar

Great Plains enjoyed an excellent day at the Tillage event in the UK, where we showed the market entry version of the 3m X-Press and ST bar working for the first time.

It attracted a good deal of interest, as did the SLD cultivator and the Centurion drill, and dealers in the region are busy chasing up leads, as Graham Main, from Peacock & Binnington - which helped organise the stand – says the event has already been beneficial:

The SL impressed at Innov-Agri Southwest

Great Plains enjoyed a successful show at Innov-Agri Southwest, held near Toulouse in a region where the company’s name evokes different reactions, reports Simon Revell, European Exports Director:

“We found ourselves talking to a completely different set of farmers in this region, compared to those we have met further North.

“We received a lot of enquiries, especially for the Yield-Pro planters – this is a major maize growing region – and in machines like the X-Press, DTX, SL and Centurion drill.

The new oilseeds disc in operation

Great Plains is introducing a new seed singulation and spacing system that will enable the Yield-Pro planters to place oilseed rape with the same accuracy they already achieve with crops like maize, sugar beet, sunflower, soya beans and milo/alfalfa.

The oilseeds disc system includes improvements to both the brushes in the Great Plains Air-Pro ® Metering system and the patented Clear-Shot ® Seed Tube.

The new elements will be introduced across the entire range of planters from November 2013, and can be retro-fitted to existing models.

Simon Revell

German farmers will get another chance to see how well oilseed rape crops established using Great Plains’ one-pass techniques perform at DLG’s Feldtage Show next year, where the company’s plots were sown recently.

“These plots are part of a wider programme by which we aim to show German farmers the benefits of the system”, says Simon Revell European Exports Director.

“There are other competing systems being offered by other companies in Germany, but they cannot establish the crop in one pass and restructure the soil to the depth or as efficiently as we can.

John Simpson

Great Plains agent in Australia and New Zealand, Power Farming Group, is strengthening its presence in Australia with the addition of 25-year-old John Simpson to its sales team.

John has a degree in agronomy and initially worked for one of the country’s largest agricultural merchants before joining PFG.

He will work across the states of Victoria, South Australia and the bottom half of New South Wales, says Graham Leigh, PFG’s Dealer Principal:

“We expect John’s background as an agronomist to prove really valuable when dealing with farmers.

Danielle Pole (right) introduces Corinne to Great Plains’ equipment.

Great Plains is strengthening the team supporting its exports across Europe with the appointment of Corinne Byron as Export Co-Ordinator with responsibility for France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Corinne, who moved to Britain after marrying a British soldier, has a background in banking and speaks both German and French.

The new style 3m X-Press and ST Bar will be working at Tillage

Two models from Great Plains’ new entry level specification cultivators will make their public debut at a working demonstration at the UK's Tillage Live event, being held at West Hall Farm, Welton, Lincolnshire on Wednesday 11th September.

The new style 3m X-Press & ST Bar and the new TL tined cultivator will be shown working at the event.

Also being demonstrated will be the 6m Centurion drill; SLD 540; SL400; DTX300 and a 4.6m X-Press.

OSR Trials in Hungary raise yields and cut growing costs

Oilseed rape establishment trials completed in Hungary this year have achieved a valuable and elusive double – by raising yields and cutting growing costs.

And the improvement in soil structure achieved by Great Plains’ Simba DTX cultivator is crucial to this success, says Simon Revell, European Exports Director.

The trials – conducted on five sites spread across the country – have helped raise yields by anything between 400kgs/ha and 700kgs/ha.

Euan Adamson

Parts and service staff at Great Plains UK’s Sleaford factory are working extended hours and over weekends to ensure all customers and dealers in the UK and across Europe receive the parts they need on time during the working season.

Euan Adamson, General Manager of the Division, urges farmers to keep in contact with their dealer over parts issues, or risk unnecessary down-time.

The hard-working conditions and damage done to soils in two wet autumns are apparent in this year’s business, he says:

Perfect harmony – the ST Bar and Yield-Pro planter performed perfectly

The idea of combining a deeper seedbed restructuring pass with precision seeding of oilseeds is being tested in a series of trials that Great Plains is completing with leading industry partners.

These are the latest trials that the company has been involved with over the past 25 years which aim to provide farmers with reliable information on which to base their machinery and cultivation decisions.

"Thurlow's SLDs are doing the job," says Andrew Crossley

A full range of Great Plains’ Simba kit - both old and new – is helping the Thurlow Estate introduce an entirely new cultivation regime on the 12,000 acres straddling the borders of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex in the UK.

Manager Andrew Crossley introduced the new regime when three farms that had previously been run separately were combined, and three machinery fleets were rationalised into one, and they moved towards a block cropping system including controlled traffic on 40m tramlines.

Pierre-Arnaud Noiret

Two new dealers are joining Great Plains’ network in South East France, and Pierre-Arnaud Noiret, Territory Manager, is confident both will make a big impression for the company:

“Both these companies are established John Deere dealers, with AgriPro having three branches in the Ain department, and has relinquished several competitor brands so it can concentrate on the brand, while Axe is based in the Côte d’Or, Yonne, Saône & Loire et Nièvre departments and has already sold a Centurion drill.

Danielle Pole (left) covers more miles

Danielle Pole, Export Co-Ordinator at Sleaford, has completed two thirds of the ambitious programme of fund raising events she aimed to complete this year – and has raised over £1,500 for MacMillan Cancer Support in the process.

Her latest escapade was an event known as “Hard as Dales”, which is advertised as a 28 mile hike in the Yorkshire Dales, but felt like a lot further due to the number and severity of the climbs involved:

The Cotswold Farm Machinery team – at your service!

Cotswold Farm Machinery, based near Cirencester, Gloucestershire, is joining the Great Plains dealer network to cover East Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds and parts of Wiltshire.

The company was set up some eight years ago by Simon and Janet Carrington, when they bought the business that was previously part of Ross Farm Machinery.

Great Plains’ Yield-Pro planter

Great Plains’ Yield-Pro planters could help make British dairy farmers’ lives much simpler if the 10% yield improvement regularly achieved in the USA is repeated here.

So says Matthew Tapp, an agronomist from ProMaize, which is one of the partners with which the company is staging a range of field-scale trials across the South West of England:

David Holmes

Attention to detail will be crucial for arable farmers aiming to restore soils after two very damaging wet seasons in a row, says David Holmes, UK Sales Director for Great Plains.

He was commenting after two open days held in North Lincolnshire by the CMI group, at which the subject was one of the key topics of interest to the 80 farmers attending.

He says farmers must check the effectiveness of the job they are doing frequently during the work, or risk doing ineffective work:

Great Plains has added another dealer to its network in France, with Taveau being appointed in the Oise department.

Taveau is a family owned and run company which based at Saint-Andre-Farivilliers, and has sold Great Plains drills in the past.

Thomas Fraeyman, Territory Manager, says they already have renewed interest in drills, including the Centurion, and expects them to sell Simba cultivators as well:

The SL – a popular choice in Sweden

Great Plains’ LD tines are helping Swedish farmers avoid problems with stones – something that had previously been very costly to them, reports Sven Nilsson from importer Agrimatiq:

“We have several farmers using SL cultivators, and they tell us that the straight design of the LD leg – which is very popular in Sweden – helps control stones because it flexes past them and leaves them in the soil.

There is growing interest in the companion crop technique

This year’s late oilseeds harvest is focussing farmers’ minds on the need to work quickly and efficiently thereafter, report Territory Managers who have been attending open days at the oilseed rape establishment trials we have been running with Agrovista.

These worries are making a very good case for the one-pass oilseed establishment systems championed by the company.

James Kissock, who attended events at Harper Adams, Shropshire, and Cirencester, Gloucestershire, says:

Olivers staff during their visit

Eight staff from our Bedfordshire-based dealer Oliver Agriculture Ltd got a technical update when they visited Great Plains’ Sleaford factory, which included briefings on the company’s latest thinking on soil structure and how to repair it, as well as updates on its full range of machines, says James Clark, Territory Manager:

Oakes Bros expect to demonstrate the Centurion soon

Staff of distributor Oakes Bros Ltd will have a full programme of on-farm working demonstrations this autumn, reports James Kissock, Great Plains Territory Manager, after a successful open day at its Micheldever branch.

And visiting farmers showed real interest in the agronomic presentations that Great Plains has staged at shows like LAMMA and Cereals, he reports:

Mark Dolby discusses the new-style 3m X-Press and ST Bar with visitors

Great Plains’ new range of market entry cultivators were the centre of attention on the company’s stand at a successful Cereals event, where the company did healthy business on both days.

And with so many farmers contemplating how to restructure damaged soils this autumn, machines like our SLD and DTX were also subject of plenty of enquiries from stand visitors.