Fanfare Greets Centurion in New Zealand

PFG staged a spectacular launch for the Centurion
PFG staged a spectacular launch for the Centurion

Distributor Power Farming Group (PFG) introduced the first Great Plains Centurion to an invited audience of some 100 New Zealand dealers and farmers at a special invitation in December.

Centre of attention were the Centurion and the SLD460, and both impressed the audience, says Ryan Haffner, Exports Director for the Southern Hemisphere:

“Farmers and dealers alike were impressed with the Centurion. They particularly liked the robust build, innovative features and customizable options.  It seems farmers often like 90% of a machine but can always find a few things to critique.  With the Centurion, this doesn’t seem to be the case. One farmer told me: ‘The more we talk, the more I like it!’”

The event was held the day before the Foundation for Arable Research (FAR) Conference, at which a far wider range of machinery was on show.

Preparing the machines for the combination of the two events set a severe test for Stephen Aldis, the newest member of the International Customer Service team, based at the Sleaford factory, who was in New Zealand for about a week to help prepare them.

 At the FAR conference we exhibited the Spartan 607, Centurion, Simba SLD500 and Simba 4.6m X-Press. In addition the Simba SLD460 was demonstrated to excellent effect:

“It ran through a rock-hard grass paddock like it was butter”, says Ryan:

“The Centurion and Simba SLD pairing should be a popular combination the field. The SLD is a one pass tool which leaves a seedbed in which the Centurion can work with no further preparation