Auto-Reset Proves its Worth

Jim Thygesen
Jim Thygesen

Fitting the DTX with auto-reset on the deep working tines has opened up a significant market in Denmark, says Jim Thygesen, Territory Manager, because some 90% of the country’s soils are stony:

“Any machine that only has shear-bolt protection of deep working tines simply would not work in those areas”.

The latest opportunity for the country’s farmers to see the machine came at a two day show held by dealer J Hundhal, which is based at Thisted in the far North of the country:

“The show attracted 3,000 people over the two days. The dealer sold the first Centurion drill in the country, and is also selling the DTX and X-Presses.

“The prospects for business this year are good. Arable farmers are in a good mood because grain prices are strong, but by contrast dairy farmers are suffering due to the high price of cereals for feed and poor milk prices”.