Structure Key Subject in Ukraine

The Flatliner is proving its ability in Ukraine
The Flatliner is proving its ability in Ukraine

Key messages about soil structure and the savings available from one-pass oilseed rape establishment were the key topics tackled during two well-attended seminars held by Great Plains in the Ukraine.

The first event was held near Lviv, in the far West of the country near the Polish border, while the second was held near Donets’k in the East.

Both sessions prompted healthy debate, reports Simon Revell, European Exports Director:

“At each event we started by discussing the importance of getting soil structure right, and highlighting how failing to correct structure problems can affect crop yields and reduce profitability.

“We also explained how we have developed our current one-pass oilseed rape establishment techniques, which we feel have real potential for farmers in the Ukraine and elsewhere.

“In the West of the country the farmers who have bought SLDs have got good results, which are prompting much wider interest in the machine.

“Around Donets’k we have been working with Harvest – one of the country’s largest agricultural companies.

“They had taken independent agronomic advice which identified widespread soil structure problems on their farms, and decided the Flatliner was the kind of tool they needed to correct them while coping with their difficult soil conditions.

“They used the machines for the first time last autumn to prepare the fields for spring crops of wheat, sunflowers and maize. They are medium to light soils with few stones, but they are not self-structuring so they need help”.

The photograph above shows the Flatliner at work.