New Dealers in France

Pierre-Arnaud Noiret
Pierre-Arnaud Noiret

Great Plains is strengthening its market presence in two key arable farming areas of Northern France with the appointment of new dealers.

Scop Bouchard is based in the Calvados region of Normandy, while Sebmat operates in the Marne department, to the East of Paris.

“These two dealers are valuable additions to our network and cover two important regions”, says Pierre-Arnaud Noiret, Territory Manager for France:

“Both companies bring with them experience from working with Bonnel, who were previously our importers for the country.

“Sebmat has already sold a good number of X-Press machines in the Marne department. We feel there is real potential for them to expand the range of our models that they offer, as they have some heavier soils where the SL and DTX could have a role.

“While the majority of farm sizes are relatively small, there is potential among larger operators and contractors for drills like the Centurion and Spartan to be sold.

“Bouchard have taken on a former Bonnel salesman who is very familiar with our equipment, and he believes there is a lot of potential for the X-Press – with and without the ST-Bar – as well as machines like the SL.

“We will be organising field demonstrations with both dealers, and looking to show what our machines can achieve on farm”.

Pictured above is Pierre-Arnaud Noiret, Great Plains Territory Manager for France