DTX Doing The Job This Spring

DTX Auto-Reset
The DTX – ideal for opening up soils and helping them dry

Fitting the DTX cultivator with auto-reset tines is opening up new markets for the machine in a range of regions, and the machine is proving its worth again this spring.

Dairy farmer Richard Pearman, who runs a 240 cow dairy herd at Bellbroughton, near Stourbridge, West Midlands, has already run his machine this spring as he prepares to sow the 130 acres of forage maize he grows for his cattle.

Despite a very late maize harvest last autumn, he was able to cultivate the ground afterwards. The quality of restructuring job the machine did was evident from the harvesting contractor’s comments:

“He works on many other farms in the region and says our land was the easiest to travel on last autumn. The land drains well now – so well that  even when we had 10mm of rain straight after harvest, we could cultivate the next day.

“This spring we have done a pass to open the soil up and help it dry out. We will then inject the slurry and run the DTX once more to leave a good seedbed for drilling the maize”.

The photo above shows the DTX Auto Reset in action.