Good Business at Doe Show

The Doe Show
The Doe Show hinted at bright prospects for the year ahead

British farmers seem determined to put 2012 behind them and concentrate on the future, judging by their attitude at the Doe Show, where plans - and purchases - for 2013 were the main topics of conversation.

Graham Parker, Dealer Principal, says show sales were among the highest ever: “They were 42% up on the 2012 show by the Friday evening, and I wasn’t unhappy about the 2012 event!

“People appeared to come out in a business-like mood and be prepared to invest if they felt it was justified.

“The change in capital allowances has helped lift the mood, and many areas have fared reasonably well with both grain and potato prices being stable and acceptable.

“One of the keys to the event is that we offer visitors the chance to buy a bargain from our used and shop-spoiled/ex-demo kit, and they took the opportunity to do just that”.

James Clark, Great Plains’ Territory Manager, says the show highlighted the enduring popularity of the Simba CultiPress, with five being sold during the week:

“Many farmers are considering how to work down last autumn’s ploughing, or intend to plough this spring and need a machine that will work that down into a levelled and consolidated seedbed in one pass this spring.

“In the 15 or so years since the CultiPress was launched nothing has improved on it.

“Overall farmers remain reasonably positive, and many of them who got crops in last autumn – especially in regions like Norfolk – can look forward to good crop performance. But others have plenty of field work left to do”.