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Hungarian farmers watch the Yield-Pro® with interest
Hungarian farmers watch the Yield-Pro® with interest

Great Plains’ Yield-Pro® maize planter is being tested to the full in Hungary this spring, with 30 different field trials being set up spread right across the country.

And in a nation that grows around 1.2 million hectares of maize, there will be plenty of people looking at the results:

“We are testing the planter and comparing it with competitor machines in as many regions, soil types and rotations as we can”, says Attila Jocsak, machinery specialist for importer Valkon.

“Last year growing conditions in Hungary were very dry and the lack of moisture reduced maize yields to anything from six to 12 tonnes a hectare.

“Everyone will be interested to see whether they can exploit the  Twin-Row planter’s better seed distribution to raise seed rates, which could improve yields and create a better micro-climate between the plants.

“It could also achieve better coverage of the soil surface, which will help retain soil moisture levels, which will be extremely valuable if we get another dry summer.

“Our livestock farmers will be really interested to see whether we can increase yields and crop quality”.

Simon Revell, Exports Director, adds: “Having seen the first machines working in Hungary, I am really impressed with their simplicity and strength, as were the Hungarian farmers who saw them working.

“If the planters bring European farmers similar benefits as they have to their American counterparts then the future looks very exciting”.