Sharmans Examine Structure

Philip Wright
Philip Wright

The subject of soil structure and the best way to restore damaged soils was top of the agenda at two evenings staged at Sleaford for customers of Grantham-based dealer Sharmans, with the importance of the subject being apparent from the total attendance of some 70 farmers.

Visitors heard from Philip Wright, from specialist consultancy Wright Resolutions, who said:

“Repairing damaged soils was one of the main topics, and farmers need to remember not to exceed the ‘critical depth’ when re-structuring the soil.

“Any tine drawn through the ground has a depth below which the resistance above it is too great for it to work effectively and instead of lifting and restructuring it, will force it sideways and effectively make the compaction worse.

“You should check you are doing an effective job by checking that you can see appreciable lifting of the soil profile – a bit like a carpet ruckling – as you work.

“But equally you must ensure you do not boil and disrupt the soil so it has no structure left at all, because a structure-less soil will collapse when you next work it”.

David Holmes, Great Plains’ UK Sales Director, also provided a full briefing on the company’s history and the redevelopment of the Sleaford factory over the past couple of years.