LD Tines Solve Swedish Stone Problems

The SL – a popular choice in Sweden
The SL – a popular choice in Sweden

Great Plains’ LD tines are helping Swedish farmers avoid problems with stones – something that had previously been very costly to them, reports Sven Nilsson from importer Agrimatiq:

“We have several farmers using SL cultivators, and they tell us that the straight design of the LD leg – which is very popular in Sweden – helps control stones because it flexes past them and leaves them in the soil.

“That is a very different action to the C tine used by many competitors, which tends to “roll them up”, leaving them on the surface or so shallow that the following press cannot put them back down again.

“Customers working in stony areas say they can spend up to half an hour clearing stones from every hectare of land after cultivating with a C tine cultivator, but have much less work to do after an SL”.

The company received interest right across the range of machines it exhibited at the recent Borgeby Show: “We had a FlatLiner, UniPress, SL, 3m X-Press and ST Bar on show, and received good enquiries about all of them”.