Playing Our Part

Euan Adamson
Euan Adamson

Parts and service staff at Great Plains UK’s Sleaford factory are working extended hours and over weekends to ensure all customers and dealers in the UK and across Europe receive the parts they need on time during the working season.

Euan Adamson, General Manager of the Division, urges farmers to keep in contact with their dealer over parts issues, or risk unnecessary down-time.

The hard-working conditions and damage done to soils in two wet autumns are apparent in this year’s business, he says:

“Our sales of parts for subsoilers and deeper working cultivators are up 75% over previous years as farmers look to restore the structure of soils ahead of crop establishment this autumn. With so many customers working in hard, dry conditions we expect demand for ground-contacting parts to remain high.

“While farmers know they can collect parts direct from the Sleaford factory, we must emphasise that this can only be done by prior arrangement and they must place the order via their dealer in advance.

“We have had people arrive at Sleaford without contacting their dealer, only to discover that the parts were already in stock at their local branch.

“They could have saved themselves a lot of time and disruption if they had made a phone call first”.