Plotting Next Year's Show

Simon Revell
Simon Revell

German farmers will get another chance to see how well oilseed rape crops established using Great Plains’ one-pass techniques perform at DLG’s Feldtage Show next year, where the company’s plots were sown recently.

“These plots are part of a wider programme by which we aim to show German farmers the benefits of the system”, says Simon Revell European Exports Director.

“There are other competing systems being offered by other companies in Germany, but they cannot establish the crop in one pass and restructure the soil to the depth or as efficiently as we can.

“Great Plains offers a range of machines that can do a really effective re-structuring job – with the SLD working the soil to 300mm depth; the DTX working up to 400mm deep and the Flatliner capable of working as far as 550mm deep.

“The research programme we have been running with plant breeders Pioneer on sites right across the main arable farming areas of Germany has shown how we can maintain and increase yields while reducing the cost and time of crop establishment – improvements in productivity and efficiency that German farmers are beginning to appreciate.

“The DLG Feldtage show is an ideal platform for us to show this system to forward-thinking German farmers, and our plots will certainly do that”.