Innovation in France

The SL impressed at Innov-Agri Southwest
The SL impressed at Innov-Agri Southwest

Great Plains enjoyed a successful show at Innov-Agri Southwest, held near Toulouse in a region where the company’s name evokes different reactions, reports Simon Revell, European Exports Director:

“We found ourselves talking to a completely different set of farmers in this region, compared to those we have met further North.

“We received a lot of enquiries, especially for the Yield-Pro planters – this is a major maize growing region – and in machines like the X-Press, DTX, SL and Centurion drill.

“While it was gratifying that a lot of the show visitors had heard of Great Plains and knew something about the equipment we offer. A significant number had not heard of us.

“While we only had a comparatively small presence at the event compared with many of our major competitors, we made an impact and will be looking to build on that in the future”.