UniPress Answers Multiple Problems

Ryan Boggs (pictured left) is impressed with the UniPress
Ryan Boggs (pictured left) is impressed with the UniPress

Working across a huge variety of soil types, Northern Ireland contractor Ryan Boggs needs a cultivation system that is flexible enough to deal with them all.

And while the provinces high rainfall means the plough is his primary cultivator, he is keen to improve the efficiency and output of his system to achieve more timely and cost effective crop establishment.

The business is based at his 600 acre Gorthill Farm, Eglinton, a few miles East of Londonderry, and Ryan’s company works another 3,000 acres on farms in the region. After ploughing and pressing they previously used a set of Cambridge rolls to work down seedbeds, but have added a Great Plains’ Simba UniPress to their armoury:

“The Cambridge rolls with a levelling board are a bit of a ‘one trick pony’. They are the right machine for our own soils at home and some of the lighter land we work. But they struggled on the heavier types and where we have to work with stones, where we needed something stronger.

“We have used a power harrow to break down and level the heavier soils, but the UniPress consolidates very well, firms the seedbed better and leaves several inches of tilth into which we can drill”.

This year’s crops are looking well, he says, and he expects the system should work equally well in the spring: “We expect we will be able to plough, work the seedbed down and drill on the same day”.