LAMMA: Field Cultivator On Show

Great Plains' Field Cultivator
Great Plains' Field Cultivator

Great Plains will show its US-designed Field Cultivator, which is already popular across a range of export markets in Eastern Europe, at LAMMA 2014.

The Field Cultivator is a high-capacity finishing tool which completes a shallow cultivation and removes weeds/regrowth to finish seedbeds, leaving them level and ready for drilling.

Twenty models are available at widths between 23 and 60 feet (7.00 and 18.3 metres), with models up to 39 feet (11.9m) being built in three sections, while larger models are constructed in five sections.

They feature four lines of shanks, behind which purchasers can choose a wide combination of finishing harrow and reel.

Shanks in the same row are 71 cms apart, that gap enabling the machine to handle considerable trash volumes. They can be fitted with 254 mm or 280 mm wide sweep feet – which can be ‘hard faced’ if the purchaser requires.

These shanks overlap by several inches, so the entire seedbed is moved at least once, with soil being returned to its original position so the machine leaves a well levelled surface that is ready for drilling with no further work.

Typical working depth is between two to four inches, for which the company recommends its K-Flex minimum draft/flat shank, which has 185lbs trip force. Maximum working depth is around 125 mm. The company recommends its heavier duty Magnum (sprung loaded) shank (205lbs point trip force) for stony conditions as it allows more trip clearance.

The implement is available with either a constant level hitch – suitable for working level ground – or a floating hitch, which allows it to move independently of the tractor and maintain consistent working depth on undulating ground.