Setting the Gold Standard in OSR Establishment

David Holmes of Great Plains explains the company's work at a recent Agrovista 'Grow Crop Gold' Open Day
David Holmes of Great Plains explains the company's work at a recent Agrovista 'Grow Crop Gold' Open Day

Correct fertiliser timings and rates – and the potential need for growth regulators – will be key subjects at Agrovista’s “Grow Crop Gold” open days during February and March, says Niall Atkinson, who co-ordinates the trials.

On the two sites where some of the plots were established using Great Plains’ Yield-Pro planter, the benefit of doing a deeper restructuring operation before placing the seed accurately will also be on show.

Last year’s good autumn means that many of the crops already have a big canopy, says Niall:

“Most crops established well last autumn and those canopies will need managing, so the timing of nitrogen and rates of this spring nitrogen will be an important topic, as will the potential for growth regulators.

“We will have expert agronomists from either YARA or ADAS present at these events to provide their latest thoughts on these important issues.

“Turning to establishment methods, where the Yield-Pro planter worked behind the ST Bar we can see some excellent results and we have some revealing root measurements.

“Most assessment of the size of a crop is completed above the ground. Some of these plots look very similar above the ground, but there is a marked difference in root development beneath, where the ST Bar has restructured the zone immediately below the seedbed, and the Yield-Pro has placed the seed with great accuracy”.

On each site Great Plains has established plots using the DTX cultivator, and highlighted the benefits of sowing cover crops between rows, and also demonstrated the use of various different band widths.

This spring’s dates, which feature a technical session and site visit (unless stated) are:

February 5th: Morley

February 7th: Harper Adams (2013 results session only)

February 13th: Croft

February 24th: Stoughton

February 25th: Cirencester

March 10th: Brechin

To find out more about each site or register to attend any of the above events please visit - click on the tab for “Technical”; then on the “Grow Crop Gold OSR Trials” and e-mail the Site Manager.