Great Plains UK Launches 0% Finance Scheme

Great Plains has announced the launch of its 2014 UK Retail Finance Promotion. Throughout the month of November 2014, all UK-built Great Plains tillage and seeding equipment will be available on attractive 0% terms across the national Great Plains dealer network.

The scheme, which runs from 1st November and has a shut-off date of 30th November 2014, offers similar incentives to the 2013 promotion which proved to be so successful, as David Holmes, UK Sales Director, explained: “In view of the current market situation following one of the most consistent harvest weather periods for many years we have again tailored our retail finance programme to be extremely attractive with a later cut-off date and extended first payment date which was so well-received last year,” he said.

The promotion, which is to be supported by a national advertising and direct mail campaign, offers the farmer the benefit of ordering his new equipment in November 2014 at current retail prices on 0% interest.

There is then a straight pause until the first of two equal payments becomes due in November 2015. Pausing the first payment until November 2015 will enable the customer to complete harvest ahead of the first payment falling due.

With the second and final payment not required until November 2016, the farmer is able to spread the cost over 2 years at 0% flat rate p.a.

Alternatively, customers who order their new equipment in November 2014 can tailor a plan to suit their own individual requirements using the subsidy available at the time of order.

The finance offer is limited to 60% of the Great Plains UK Ltd recommended retail list price (excluding VAT) on all new Great Plains machines. Apart from the VAT element, which will be due on signing and delivery, the customer will pay nothing until the machine is delivered. Other terms and conditions apply and these are set out in the promotional leaflet which can be downloaded from the link below.

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