Great Plains Anhydrous Coulter receives 2015 FinOvation Award

The Great Plains Nutri-Pro® Anhydrous Coulter row unit has been named a 2015 FinOvation Honoree by Farm Industry News.

FinOvation award winners were selected based on reader interest in new products covered by Farm Industry News from November 2013 to October 2014, both in print and online. The Nutri-Pro® Anhydrous Coulter is one of 20 agricultural innovations to receive recognition this year.

“We are pleased to accept this recognition for the Nutri-Pro Anhydrous Coulter,” said Mike McClure, Great Plains Engineering Manager. “It is an honor to be included among the FinOvation award winners.”

The anhydrous coulter row unit applies anhydrous ammonia with a 22" anhydrous coulter blade for precise, high-speed anhydrous placement. With the ability to apply and seal anhydrous ammonia up to 6" deep at a speed of 8 miles per hour, it provides speed and productivity with minimal loss and maximized efficiency.

“The unique anhydrous coulter row unit uses a single coulter blade to open up the soil, followed by a rigid tine to place the fertilizer at the bottom of the trench,” said engineer Jim Cooper. “Then, spider sealers tightly lock nutrients in the ground, allowing virtually no gas to escape.”

Minimal ground disturbance allows anhydrous fertilizer application closer to planting, preventing nutrient loss to leeching and denitrification. In contrast to rigid shank machines, the anhydrous coulter provides excellent stability and maneuverability in high-residue field conditions.

The anhydrous coulter also received recognition as a 2015 AE50 Award Winner from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers in December.

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