New Maxlift Roller Option for Flatliner

The Flatliner - now available with the Maxlift (ML) roller
The Flatliner - now available with the Maxlift (ML) roller

The long-established and ever-popular Great Plains soil loosener, the Simba Flatliner, is now also available with the Maxlift (ML) consolidating roller as well as the DD roller which has, hitherto, been fitted as standard.

“Following its successful operation within our cultivation range we can now offer the ML roller for the Flatliner as an alternative consolidating, levelling depth control roller rather than the more pronounced, weather-proof ridged finish provided by the DD,” explained Great Plains UK Sales Director, David Holmes.

“The ML roller is a combination of notched wheels and teeth for driving and lifting high volumes of soil. The roller gives a finer, fluffier finish than the DD whilst still consolidating the ground just below the surface and achieving a good mixing effect at high speed. The ML is also lighter in weight and offers a price advantage compared with the DD,” he added.

The ML roller option is available on all shearbolt-protected Flatliner 500 models and on the hydraulic reset folding wing model. Working widths range from 3 to 4.5 metres.

Depending on the model, the Flatliner is equipped with 3, 5 or 7 Pro-Lift loosening tines which are capable of working down to depths of 500mm. If preferred, Low Disturbance (LD) tines can be specified on all shearbolt-protected Flatliner 500 models.