The Great Plains Nutri-Pro® high-speed anhydrous coulter revolutionizes the application of anhydrous ammonia with a 22" coulter blade for precise, high-speed placement. In fact, it earned an AE50 Award in 2015—but we didn’t stop there. Instead of resting on our laurels, we’ve made this award-winning product even better. Here’s how:

  • Enhanced residue flow through increased clearance – New square tube sealer arms allow for better residue resistance with new outside sitting closing arms.
  • Improved closing wheel option for light, wet soils – One closing wheel option features a notched blade for conventional to min-till field conditions and wet field conditions.
  • Low-disturbance coulter option – A double-edge Samurai Turbo Blade coulter option offers less disturbance than the regular Turbo Blade.
  • Improved wear resistance option in abrasive soil – Hard-surfaced NH3 tines are available with or without a front foot.

Nutri-Pro models equipped with the high-speed coulter apply anhydrous ammonia up to 6" deep at a speed of 8 miles per hour with minimal ground disturbance. Sealers tightly lock nutrients in the ground, allowing virtually no gas to escape. This allows for anhydrous fertilizer application closer to planting, preventing nutrient loss to leaching and denitrification.

Unlike rigid shank machines, the anhydrous coulter is designed to endure high-residue field conditions. Available in several row spacings, Nutri-Pro bars matched with RTK guidance capabilities provide consistent, exact placement of fertilizer in proximity to each row. With both pre-apply and sidedress capabilities, Nutri-Pro is essentially two machines in one!

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Great Plains Enhances Award-Winning Anhydrous Coulter

Great Plains Enhances Award-Winning Anhydrous Coulter
October 31, 2016

Great Plains has reintroduced its award-winning high-speed anhydrous coulter with several improvements to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and versatility of the Nutri-Pro® precision nutrient application line.

Released in 2014, the revolutionary anhydrous coulter earned a 2015 AE50 Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, but Great Plains engineers remained dedicated to making this good product even better.

The newly-released coulter includes: